Other Interests

Outside of work, I like to:

  • Circus! I take Partner Balancing and Beginner Acrobatics at Cirque-ability, a circus school in downtown Toronto. I'm currently working on front handsprings, splits, general flexibility, and handstand skills. My current goal is to work up to handbalancing, while improving my flexibility and partner balancing skills.
  • Figure Skate! (and Ice Dance!) I figure skate at the West Toronto Skating Club. I skated as a child/teenager, and it's been fun coming back to it as an adult.
  • Garden! I'm absolutely still a novice (after many years), but I do enjoy it. I also enjoy growing orchids indoors.
  • Backpack! Recently, some of my close friends (and sometimes my dog) and I have really enjoyed seeing Ontario on foot. In addition to some smaller backpacking trails, we've walked the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail and the Lake Superior PP Coastal Trail.